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Ways That You Can Support DWI


Disabled Women Ireland relies heavily on the goodwill and volunteerism of its members. To ensure our organisation continues to grow, we need help from our members. We are always seeking women with disabilities who would like to work with us at all levels -from running local events, to help with social media, to writing blogs.


Here are some ways you can help.


·         becoming a member;

·         giving a donation

·         Representing us in forums, committees, advisory boards and so on;

·         participating in consultations and government;

·         writing articles for our blog, or any

·         letting us know about any relevant upcoming activities and/or events;

·         letting us know about any new books, videos, etc;

·         have us speak at your events

·         partner with us in campaigns

·         partner with us in research

·         engaging and sharing our social media.

·         putting us on your newsletter mailing list;

·         contributing your ideas or stories to our website;

·         using us as a hub for information;

·         using our website;

·         giving us feedback about our work;

·         donating equipment;

·         raising funds for us.